Text: 2 Kings 1:1-7, 2 Kings 22:51-53

2Kings 1 is a continuation of 2Kings 22. The king Ahaziah mentioned in 2Kings 1, is the same king Ahaziah that mentioned in 2Kings 1. The continuation or the conclusion of his reigned was written in 2Kings 1.
I would like us to understand the following facts about the king Ahaziah:
1. King Ahaziah was a son of king Ahab and Queen Jezebel that reigned for 22years and killed Nabot because of his vineyard (1Kings 16:19-22:40).

2. Ahaziah was a son of wicked parent – his father and mother was wicked parent that killed innocent man called Nabot. His parent did not follow the ways of God but evil ways of Satan. And Ahaziah also follow his parent ways that is evil (1Kings 22:52).

Dear brothers and sisters, are you not following the evil ways of your parent? Or following the right WAY of the living God? Remember, the Bible says: “There is a way that seems right to man, but in the end it leads to death” Proverbs 14:12. The evil way of your parent that seems right in your own eyes is a way of destruction and death. Get out of it now and follow the ONLY and ACCEPTABLE WAY of God.

At the same time, many parents are godly parents that bring glory to God in their living and everything they do, but there are children are evil children. Are you among such evil children neglect the way of godly parents? It is a right time for you to repent and amend your way NOW!

3. Ahaziah only reign for two (2) years in Israel but his wicked works remain unchanged (1Kings 22:51-53). What a man does today will become history tomorrow. Everything you do today is written in the book of remembrance either good or evil. And there is reward for everything you do yesterday today even tomorrow. Be wise!

4. Ahaziah served and worshipped ONLY Baal – gods (1Kings 22:53). He did NOT serve or worshipped God of Israel who owns the people that he (Ahaziah) reigned over. He forgets that God will never allow anyone that refuse to instruct or direct His people to His way go unpunished. Ahaziah did not only serve or worship idols but also direct his people to serve and worship idols. What your children are doing today may be the deeds they emulate from you.

5. Ahaziah fell by himself and turn to sickness – 2Kings 1:2. Everyone that is pursue evil power or using evil ways to lives his or her life will surely end in wounded his/herself. Remember, it was king Saul that killed himself because he chose to used evil power to protect himself.

6. Consulting Baal for healing and deliverance – 2Kings 1:2. Ahaziah is a friend and servant of Baalzebub, an idol in Ekron. A king of God’s people becomes a follower and servant of idol. Who are you consulting or seeking for solution to your problems? God or gods? Jesus or Satan? Prophet or false prophets? Be wise!

As long as you remain seeking solution where there is NO solution, your problem(s) will continue existing. Until the woman with issue of blood for 12 years stopped seeking solution for her sickness she did not experience healing, but the very day she decided to consult Jesus Christ, she got healed instantly without spending money but her FAITH (Luke 8:42-48).

7. Ahaziah neglect the warning and instruction of God – 2Kings 1:3-4. God in His mercy sent Prophet Elijah to him in order to instruct him to know the right things to do, but Ahaziah refused to listen, instead he planned to arrest the prophet that God sent to him. What a foolish king indeed!

Thousands or millions of people around the world today see JESUS CHRIST as their greatest enemy. And they determined and vowed to fight Christians around the world in as much they lives. What a foolish decision! What a madness determination!

Are you NOT among them decided to perish rather than repenting of the sin you committed? Are you NOT among those that neglect the way of God to heaven? Dear friend, re-thinking and re-thinking your decision NOW. If you end up with that evil decision, you may end up in eternal doom without remedy. That will not be your potion in Jesus name.

8. King Ahaziah make enquiry about Prophet Elijah, the prophet sent by God to direct Ahaziah (2King 1:7). People like Ahaziah are in your family, they are in your place of work, they are in your city, and they are in your environment only to make enquiry about your living, about your marriage, about your academic, about your work/business, about your children and everything around you, about your ministry and everything about you. They have make their enquiry advance in such away that they are using technology ways of monitoring people’s affairs in the darkness kingdom. Many are using evil water to watch people’s affairs, using evil mirror to monitoring peoples’ ways and activities.

Please pray these prayers before you continue:
1. Every tools using in darkness kingdom to watch and monitoring my life, scatter by fire and thunder of God in Jesus name.

2. Every monitoring tools using to monitor my business and work on daily basis, be destroy by fire and break to ashes in the name of Jesus.

3. Anything called mouse using to direct my affairs in spiritual world of evil, destroy by fire of God in the name of Jesus.

1. Repent and turn from all your evil ways and imagination – Luke 13:3, 5. There is NO negotiable in this.

2. Kin yourself into the position of Prophet Elijah – the Man of God (2Kings 1:9, 11). See and accept yourself as Man of God, child of God, servant of God. The way you see yourself is the way you will become. See and called yourself in what God call or sees you – God see you as His child and His Servant NOT as slave or follower of Satan.

3. Have living confidence in Christ that lives in you – Elijah have total and living confidence in Christ that he believes and that abide in him of victory over any challengers that comes his way.

4. Pray to God in fervent spirit.

1. Every forces or power that are directing my life, ministry, business or work into the evil ways confront by fire of God in the name of Jesus
2. Whosoever that is working in my way in order to stop my progress or breakthrough, you are a liar, uproot and die by fire of God in the name of Jesus
3. Whosoever using idols or gods as means of power to steal or confronting me, fire of God consume them in the name of Jesus
4. Any person that is using man power to steal my blessing and everything belong to me, die by fire in the name of Jesus
5. Every tools that enemies are using to war against me, destroy by fire of God in the name of Jesus
6. Whosoever is using spirit of death to curse or hinder my life, God naked and disgrace them in the name of Jesus
7. Anyone that have vowed or decided to continue wasting my life, you are a liar, die by thunder of God in the name of Jesus
8. All the contractors of the devil that handover my business, marriage or work, today is your day, die by thunder of God in the name of Jesus
9. As Elijah called fire and YOU answered him, God consume anyone that devil used to stop my progress in the name of Jesus

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