Set of People You Must Meet

18 Jun


1)The encouragers; even in discouraging situations of life, these people keep you going with encouraging words; MAY YOU MEET thee.

2)The hand lifters; They are those whose hands are strong enough to hold yours up when yours are weak; MAY YOU MEET THEM.

3) Destiny Helpers; They provide shoulders upon which you ride to fulfilling your dream & destiny; MAY YOU MEET THEM.

4)The Givers; these ones will give of their time,talent, & treasure to you in your hour of need; MAY YO U MEET THEM.

5)The Receivers; these ones are different from routine takers & serial beggars. You can’t be blessed if you don’t give, & you can’t give if there is no one to receive.Not all lands bring forth fruits,& not all h ands that receive command blessings. You need those whose receiving hands will trigger abundant blessings unto you; MAY YOU MEET THEM.

6)The prayer conquerors; You need more than prayer warriors IN 2015. Many Prayer warriors pray from their heads only; Prayer conquerors pray from their heart & conquer; MAY YOU MEET THEM.

7)The recommenders; these are the ones who mention your name in quarters where your skills & talents will be celebrated; MAY YOU MEET THEM.

8)The correctors; these are the ones who honestly tell you when you are wrong; they prevent you fro m digging a grave of mistakes that may bury your destiny; MAY YOU MEET THEM.

9)The committed; whether things are up or down, these ones are standing with you; MAY YOU MEET THEM.

10)The loyal; they work with you with all of their h earts to make things work in your life; MAY YOU MEET THEM.

11)The truth tellers; they will not call night day, & day night; MAY YOU MEET THEM.

12)The altruists; these ones believe that life is not just about them, it is about you too; MAY YOU MEET THEM.

13)The reliable; You can count on them when it counts most; MAY YOU MEET THEM.

14)The contented; these ones are not greedy, they are satisfied with whatever they get from you & they bless you from their heart for it; MAY YOU MEET THEM.

15)Lovers & Pursuers of God & Godly life; these ones are always connected to God; MAY YOU MEET THEM.

So you will never be disconnected from your source who is your MAKER. Pls take note of this as u journey into 2015.This is the year we will waste our wasters & laugh our enemy’s to scorn IJN!!! AMEN. SHALOM.

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