The Blessing of Paying Tithe

26 Jun


Bible Reading: Malachi 3:8-12

One of the power that can change life and turn people situation to unbelievable is power of tithe. The following are biblical truth of tithe:

1. Tithe is power that God give everyone equally to walk in the realm of prosperity and uncommon blessing – Mal. 3:10

2. Tithe is a uncommon way that is not comparable with means of getting showers of blessing from God

3. Tithe is a tool that God given to His people to unlock the windows of heaven in order to get showers of blessing beyond limitations  – Mal. 3:10

4. Tithe is a power that can stop and keep devourers away from our business permanently – Mal. 3:11

5. Tithe is a power that you have to provoke God divine blessing that your room cannot contain – Mal. 3:10

6. Tithe is a power that can break the barrier of limitation

7. It is a power that can cause you to be fruitfulness and flourishing more than the capacity of your job, business or work – Genesis 14:18-20 Amp.

8. It is a power that can hinder all your enemies not yo robbed you or steal your possession

9. Tithe is a power that can destroy every chain and bondage that can hold your business, job, daily work and any means that you earn money as long as it is godly way

10. Tithe is a power that break the human protocol in achieving success or greatness in life. No matter how little or much you earn, if you pay tithe you will do great and glorious things that those earn more than you cannot achieve

11. Tithe is a power that will hinder many people not to be in heaven. Because God said, anyone that do not pay tithe has robbed Him and all thief will not enter heaven. Mal. 3;8-9

12. Tithe is one of the responsibility of every Christian that must do all the time

13. Tithe is one of the way that Satan use to devour people business and work when they do not pay it.

14. Anyone that do not pay, devil have way of scatter and destroy their work, business and job

15. Those that do not pay has nothing to challenge God on their business, job or work

16. Several people are under God curses as a result of not paying tithe – Mal. 3:9

17. Not pay tithe in full is not acceptable

18. Not paying tithe have transport many people business, job,work to the pit of frustration, fruitless, and failure

19. Tithe has become something of playing instead of paying in many churches today.

20. Many Christian life are tight and full of thorns because they do not pay their tithe

21. If you fail to pay your tithe you will surely fail in prosper in your business, job or work.

22. If you pay you tithe in full, you proved yourself to be a child of God that know his God, and who want the blessing of God to come into him and reign with God in heaven at the end of his or her race on earth.

God will bless and honour you as you obey this message.

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