Pulling Down the Gate of the enemy

13 Feb


Bible Reading: Psalms 24, and 25

Every gate challenging individuals must be confronted or the gate will remain. A lot of people pray but do not confront the gate. No wonder, no answer to their prayers.

The Israelites in Egypt were praying and fasting for deliverance, and God raised Moses and Aaron who were to confront the gate for them. These must be somebody or people asking Pharaoh to let God’s people go free. Ordinary prayer is not the answer. It takes direct confrontation to break gates. Before the red sea, the Israelites were weeping and crying, under God’s instruction, Moses stretched forth the rod to confront the red sea. And the red sea opened up. Weeping and crying does not solve the problem. What will cause the gate against you to fall is direct confrontation.


The king Saul and his armies included the Israelites before Goliath in the battle field were there with no one to fight or confront Goliath face to face. David on the scene and later became the king of the Israelites.




ü Turning the battle to the gate is inevitable for everyone who wants to live a fulfilled life. Until the average individual is able to assert his/her identity and hence authority and partake of the activities at the city gate, he/she cannot and will not be in control of all God has destined for him or her.


ü Turning the battle to the gate is to kick the devil out of your life, destiny, carrier, finances, marriage, business, etc. It means to stop the activities of the wicked ones over your life and family. It also means to say no way for the activities of the witch-craft in your family and environment you belong.


ü Turning the battle to gate is to tell the devil that he has nothing to do over your life and destiny. You cannot avoid being a looser, you are a winner. You are destined to win and reign. You must stand up on your feet and take your rightful position.



For you to be able to turn the battle to the gate and win the battle, you must achieve the following with the necessaries steps:


  1. Be a member of Christ Body (John 15:1-10). That is given your total life to Christ. Separate yourself from sin and put all your trust in Christ.
  2. Believe and accept the promises of the God through His words (Holy Bible (Isaiah 43:13, Jeremiah 1:19, 20:10-11).



  1. Every mark of reproach in my destiny come out and die in the name of Jesus
  2. Oh Lord my God changes my ashes to beauty in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every covenant of demotion in my life break in Jesus name.
  4. Oh Lord arises and led my destiny to glory in Jesus name.
  5. Everything glorifying Satan in my life dies in Jesus name.
  6. Every Pharaoh working against my breakthrough dies in Jesus name.
  7. Every cloud of darkness that covers my breakthrough is removing by fire of God in Jesus name.
  8. Every seed of failure planted in my life and destiny dies in Jesus name.
  9. Fire of God removes the image of failure in my life in Jesus name.
  10. Oh Lord restores me to your original design for my life in Jesus name.
  11. Every damages done in my destiny is repair in Jesus name.
  12. Oh Lord changes my situation to testimony in Jesus name.
  13. Every slow progress in my life receives resurrection power of Jesus in Jesus name.
  14. I refuse to operate below my divine destiny in Jesus name.
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