16 Mar

KIN TO RAINING SEASON OF BLESSING – Your season of change.

Bible Reading: Jeremiah 32:17-22

There is no doubt that God does things as He which and nobody can query Him. In the 13th day of March 2016, God proved Himself as the only One that can change and do things without questions. He make rain to fall in northern part of Nigeria most especially in Kano city which has never happened in the history of this city.

We learned that, rain has never fall in the month of march in Kano city, but this year 2016, God change the story and the history. The rain not only fall within the city but also outside the city. God make the rain fall in peaceful and easiness. It occur early morning of Sunday. What a great and uncommon God we serve!

Beloved, if God make it possible for rain to fall in month of march in Kano city of Nigeria, the same God will make it possible for your life and my life to experience uncommon change of story that will proof the rain of blessing in our life and business and ministry as whole.

Jeremiah confirmed that, there is nothing is too hard for God to do. Jeremiah 32:17. And God Himself reaffirmed that there is NOTHING is too hard for Him. Jeremiah 32:27.

My friend, what is that thing that seem hard to you, with God is not hard. With God all things are possible. Luke 1:37.

But for God to change your history and story as He caused  rain to fall in the month of March in Kano city,  you need to believe Him wholeheartedly. Jesus said.  “All things are possible to him who believes.” Mark 9:23.
Accept Him as the only God that can make changes happen in your life. No other way than the way of Jesus Christ. Others ways are ways of destruction. It may seems right to you but they were ways of failure and death. Proverbs 14:12.
Jesus is the only way you can follow and your story will change permanently. John 14:6

With what God has done in this last Sunday in Kano city, surely, it is season of raining of blessings, fruitfulness, deliverance, and change of story and history.

Your story will change, and God will rewrite your history. Your barrenness will turn to twins babies. Your sadness will turn to success and your failure will turn to promotion and elevation. Only trust and obey God wholeheartedly.

Prayer Bombs

1. Father I thank you because you have change my story and history.

2. Father, change my story in your mercy and rewrite my history in Jesus name.

3. My Father and my God, you changed the history of Kano by make rain to fall in the month of March, in your mercy, change my story and make new things happens in my life in the name of Jesus.

4. Father make good and glorious things happen in my life, business and ministry in the name of Jesus.

5. Father let my heaven of uncommon rain of blessing be open unto me in the name of Jesus.

6. Every door of impossibility against my life, destiny and ministry cast fire in the name of Jesus.

7. As people experienced uncommon rain in the city of Kano in the month of March, Father let people see your uncommon blessing in my life this year in the name of Jesus.

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