The Power of Paying Tithe

16 Jun


Tithe is the tenth part or percent of the increase arising from the profits made on anything that has been a source of income for you or that you have been generating income from, which is mainly allotted to the full time clergy for their support in ministries and for charitable use in the house of God.


(1) Weekly tithe:  this is the tenth percent of the increase arising from the profit made on the source of income generated from the start of a week to the end of the week. Weekly tithe is done by those that earn an income daily or weekly from their own personal work or as an employer paid weekly.

(2) Monthly tithe: this is the tenth percent of the increase arising from the profit made on the source of income generated at the end of each month. Monthly tithe is done mainly by those that are monthly salary earner.


Everybody is expected to pay tithe both those that are working and those that are not working, because tithe is expected to be paid on any income you make e.g if you are giving money for your personal feeding or someone give you money freely you must pay tenth percent from the money because such money is your personal income except in a situation that you are been given such money for some specific purpose that is not a personal income to you and which is the actual amount such as tution fee, house rent, and any payment that is not an income to you but for a specific purpose e.t.c but if the money given to you is more than the amount for such specific purpose, you must pay the tenth percent of the remaining balance with you.


(i) You are expected to pay or bring tenth percent of any profit you make from your source of income or from any money given to you that is not for any specific purpose to the house of God.

(ii) You are expected to bring the tenth percent of any crops or food you harvested from your farm to the house of God and in a situation of distance of stress you can sell the tenth percent of such harvested food or crops and bring the money to the house of God.

1) Commandment Tithe: this is the type of tithe that every individual is expected to participate in, as a must because it is a commandment form God (Malachi 3 verse 10). Note that failure to pay your tithe is a disobedient to God commandment and such minute act is a sin before God which can make you lose the kingdom of God after death no matter how righteous and obedient you may be to all other commandment. Note (James 2 verse 10).

2) Reference Tithe: this is the type of tithe you pay again apart from the normal tithe commanded by God, in this case  it is compulsory for every individual to keep paying his/her tithe but apart from your normal tithe you can start paying another (tithe) in reference to anything you want God to do for you again such as tithe in reference to your marriage, destiny partner, barrenness, academics, career,  business e.t.c note that such tithe will perfect your positive expectation to become manifested as the reward and the more you continue to pay your tithe and another tithe in reference to your expectation from God, the more God will be fighting against anything that has been tighten such things from manifesting in your life . Note (Malachi 3 verse 10-12) meaning as you are paying your tithe and another tithe in reference to your expectation e.g so that there will be food in the house of God, it’s the same way God will be directing great solution to you that will bring about a change of story to your expectations from him.


1) It is a commandment from God (Malachi 3 verse 10).

2) So that you will stop robbing God (Malachi 3 verse 8).

3) So that you won’t be curse by God (Malachi 3 verse 9).

4) Tithe and offerings is the fastest secret to encounter prosperity in life (Malachi 3 verse 10).

5) So that there will be food in the house of God (Malachi 3 verse 10).

6) So that you won’t go far from God ordinance ( law or regulation) (Malachi 3 verse 7).


1) It guarantees you prosperity (Malachi 3 verse 12).

2) It guarantees you stress free favor in life (Malachi 3 verse 10).

3) Tithe and offerings will call God vengeance to rebuke the devourer for your sake (Malachi 3 verse 11).

4) Tithe and offering will make God return back to you in your areas of expectation (Malachi 3 verse 7).


1) Sin

2) The heart behind your giving to God e.g are you giving out of pride, out of anger, or you are been forced giving

3) Giving teared money to God

4) Giving money that the source is not gogly and holy to God e.g stealing, duping, ritual money e.t.c

5) Giving fake money to God

6) Giving to God and standing by it by broadcasting the amount you have giving to God

7) Selfish way of giving by giving what is lower to your worth or standard to God. Note that giving like this may make you lose the reward behind your giving to God because its shows that such giving is not willingly from your heart.


Stagnation or delay not to encounter prosperity in life

Deminishness in career

Lack of favour

Such person will find it very difficult to make money in a stressfree way in life

Such person will keep struggling to survive in life rather than a non fight for way to survive.

People will keep owing you also in the same way you are owing God in tithe and offering

People will keep robbing you financially in the same way you are robbing God in tithe and offering.

You will keep moving from one dept to the other without rest of mind until you pay all the dept you are also owing God.

Such person source of income will be tightened until he/she pays the tithe to untie it.

Don’t give to God with any negative motive in your heart, give to God freely and willingly Note that it is the heart behind the giving that God marks for a reward not the appearance because a lot do give to God for people to know that they are rich, for people to respect them, for prideful purpose, some give in an angry way because they are been forced to give compulsory, note that giving in this categories can never produce a reward because such giving is not from such people mind.

It is the hand that gives to God that God bless and reward not the hand that receive, because greather is he that giveth than he that receiveth meaning until you start Giving to God you cannot receive freely and if you don’t receive you cannot be relieve.

If you give what is lower to your standard or worth to God, God will also reward you to that lower level of your giving, if you give according or equal to your worth and standard to God, God will reward you in such equal way, but if you strive to give to God more than your worth and standard, God will reward you above that present level of giving in a way that you will found easy to continue.

To those that don’t give to God in both tithe and offering , don’t expect anything as a reward or in return from God, Note that
If you give nothing to God your reward will be (Nothing goes for nothing)

If you give some to God your reward will be (Some goes for some)

If your give all to God your reward will be (All goes for all).

5) The day you are tired of receiving blessing from God is the day you should stop giving to God, but the question is can you ever be tired of receiving blessing from God


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  1. Suzy

    May 10, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    You’re a real deep threkni. Thanks for sharing.



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