Permanence In Marriage

30 Jun

Prayer Bombs For Today

Bible Reading: Mathew 19:1-7

Good morning brethren,  In our today, Bible Reading, Jesus Christ the Institutor of marriage, reinforces the Principle of Permanence in marriage.

Unlike the rest of creatures, man and woman were made in God’s image and in His likeness. Man and woman were created for the security, fulfillment and joy that can be come only from stable, lifelong committed relationship. Animals by contrast, breed by instinct alone. It does not matter who the partner is, animals may have many mates throughout their life, but for man and woman they were ONLY designed and created for one man or woman as their helpmate for lifetime. 

Man and woman were designed by God to have a lifelong marriage to one mate. When God instituted marriage, He intended for the marriage of a man and woman to last for a lifetime.  But the reverse is the case to many marriages today.

Our human nature as created and intended by God, needs and requires a stable long time relationship with one man and one woman (one spouse).

Beloved, that your marriage is created and instituted for you and your wife only, or for you and your husband only. Any interference of any woman or man into your marriage is anti- marriage success. God established marriage in the Garden of Eden for one man and one woman for lifetime.

God designed marriage to be permanent – Malachi 2:16. God declares that He hates divorce and He oppose it in fullness. God is hundred percent aware of destruction that comes to the couples, children, and many that affected when the anti-marriage war against the couples.

Mind you, God is ready to fight the battle for every couple that is facing one challenges or other in their marriage, business, family, children etc.

Beloved, never allow yourself to be use by the devil in order to destroy your happy home. Do not allow your nature to move you out of your matrimonial bed and join with demonic man or woman who only designed to destroy your marriage.

Your husband is handsome than that useless man you call sugar daddy. Your wife is better sweet and beautiful than the demonic lady or woman that you are running after. Please allow this message to have positive impact into your life and marriage.

Prayer Bombs for today:

1. Father I thank you for this wonderful message.

2. Father forgive me all my sins

3. Father, deliver me from the nature that is pursing me to do contradictory to your will in my marriage

4. Father, every spirit of anti-marriage that cause destruction into the permanence in my marriage, I send them out by fire and thunder of God in the name of Jesus.

5. Father, cover my marriage with your fire in the name of Jesus

6. My marriage, I declare divine joy, success, fruitfulness and peace unto you in the name of Jesus

7. Any forces of anti-permanence in my marriage, I render you useless with the fire of God in the name of Jesus

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  1. Rose

    May 10, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    My segments post what appears to be the whole mo;ht&#39ns data on April 30th – so not daily data, but at least a total.Data from the API using advanced segments seems okay for me, but I didn't look daily through the API. I haven't noticed any issues with data pulled from the API.



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