Discover Yourself – Part 2

11 Jul

Topic: Discover Yourself – Part 2

Bible Reading: Luke  15:11-32

Today message and prayer bombs is the continuation of yesterday message. That is why I tagged it Discover Yourself Part 2.

The man in our text is not only discovered himself but also discovered that he is not whom he suppose to be. He discovered that he had far away to His Father that only take care of him 24/7.

God is the only One that can take care of all your needs both materially, spiritually, socially, etc. Any other ways is vanity upon vanity.

Beloved, who is the source of your resources? God or gods? Jesus or Satan? Think of it!

The man in our text thought that he can be satisfy with human provisions. Luke 15:15-16 but eventually, he could not be fed. God is the only One that can feed you to satisfaction. He fed the Israelites in the wilderness with Manna. He fed the ,5,000 peoples with five bread and two fishes. He fed prophet Elijah through birds in the wilderness for 3 good years. 1Kings 17:2-6. He provided water from the rock and He brought out money from fish mouth to His taxes and others. What a wonderful God!

Dear friends, your needs can only be take care off by God only through the help of the Holy Spirit. Your work is not enough to meet your needs without God’s intervention. If God did not water your business, job, work or ministry, mind you such work is in vain and unproductive.

Come Back To Jesus Christ Now:

The Prodigal Son went back to his father who is enough for his needs. Luke 15:18-22.

You too must go back to Jesus Christ the only that is Able and Sufficient for all your needs. He is calling you to come back to Him – Matthew 11:28-29. He is waiting for you to welcome you back home. You are His son or daughter. He love you more than how you love yourself.

Give Him your heart and total life today. Surely He will give you rest, peace and provide for all your needs in fullness.

Prayer bombs:

1. Father I thank you because you are the only One that is enough and sufficient for all my needs.

2. Father I come back to you with my total heart, wash me clean and purify me with your the Blood of Jesus Christ

3. Father, you are my God, open door of unlimited resources that I needs for my life in Jesus name.

4. Father, let heaven open for me and water my job, business, work and ministry in Jesus name

5. Father, destroy every seeds of sadness in my work, business, job and ministry in Jesus name

6.  God give me key that will unlock the gate of unlimited blessing to my life in Jesus name

7. Father, glorify yourself in my life, job, work and ministry in Jesus name.

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