2017 My Year of Divine Enlargement

01 Jan


Topic: 2017 My Year of Divine Enlargement

Bible Reading: Exodus 34:24, Deut.12:20

Dear Beloved, Congratulations, you’re counted among the living, against all odds you’re still standing tall. I Welcome You to Year 2017 tagged OUR YEAR OF DIVINE ENLARGEMENT – Exodus 34:24.

God indeed has been so merciful to us all, despite and in spite of all the storms, hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, rainstorm, squall, terrorisms, snowstorms, and unwarranted attacks, this Ministry still healthy, sound and progressive. They predicted and expected many bad and negative things would happen but all their efforts to pull us down result in vain. Who will say a thing and it comes to pass when the Lord Himself has not said it? God told us in the beginning of year 2016 that, it will be a year of Divine Advertisement and it come to passed. It is a year that I will never forget in my memory and diary because it was a year that I got double appointed from two different institutions from Canada and United Kingdom respectively in the same month. What a wonderful and gracious God we are serving!

Mikoas Prayer Ministry has helped us to prove a point that nothing is wrong with Online Ministry, great things can happen and many people can fulfill their divine purpose in the ministry, business, academics, marriages and services unto God through Mikoas Prayer Ministry Online, and last forever especially when the people have made up their minds and determine to serve and follow God with their hearts in holiness, humility and sincerity. Many say and foretell that Mikoas Prayer Ministry cannot endure and will soon crash; we say they should allow God to determine that. But Glory be unto God!

Beloved, with your support, prayer, obedience and patient, we can make this ministry a glorious and be the Sanctuary and Healing Palace that will last beyond a generation. As long as people’s promoted the goodness of God obtaining through the ministry and visit our site, God has the duty to sustain it forever. Mikoas Prayer Ministry Online is appointed by Jesus Christ, ordained by God, approved by the Holy Spirit.

We want to specially thank all of you whose faith has never shaken for once even in the darkest hours, it shows you have overcome the power and forces of failure in your life, you looked beyond the imperfections, system failures and incessant external aggressions, you stood for Mikoas Prayer Ministry, God will surely stand for you in 2017 and beyond. Those who are driven by sentiment, insincerity and disunity spirit will keep chasing after it from one programme to another but for some of us, until a man finds something he can die for, he has nothing to live for. Together we will keep building the glorious lives, business, marriage, and ministry of our dreams, there’s no looking back. Heaven is our focus and we shall surely get there in the last day.

Once again, Beloved, please be rest assured that our workers and Technical Team are seriously working round the clock to make sure that our website is sanitized and conducive enough for eminent people like you, they will definitely work on it all and you will surely achieve your desire and dreams in Mikoas Prayer Ministry. For any challenges, marital issues, academics predicament, business failure, setback in the ministry, etc, quickly write us and patiently wait for it to be treated.
Having tested the waters in previous years especially in year 2016 and being able to make it possible for many lives to gain freedom from captivity of sins, and satan bondage, rekindle hopes in many homes and bring joy and peace back to many souls, we are now more than bold enough to launch into the real assignments in this New Year 2017 and beyond.

As you embark your journey in this year 2017, we pray that God will enlarge you, promote you, honour you, open door of great supporters for your ministry and enlarge your coasts.

Thanks you all and remain blessed!

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One response to “2017 My Year of Divine Enlargement

  1. T. Mashiri

    January 6, 2017 at 8:39 am

    Amen man of God thanks for changing my life. It has been a great journey to be surrounded with people like you who have time for us.

    Please prayers for me and my family for we are going through difficult times in our marriage and this has caused me to backslide and have no power to pray and stand in front of congregations to preach.

    God bless you

    God bless you


    T Mashiri



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