Destroy The Evil of Consecration

06 Jun
Destroy The Evil of Consecration

Evil Altar is a place where satanic agents dedicate things that belong to people for satanic kingdom. Things like business, marriage, child, money, house, cars etc that belong to people of God had been stolen from them and dedicated in the evil altar.

Sometimes, the satanic agents dedicate people’s names, photos, signatures, certificates, profiles, etc for negative implementations. Many people that could have become great and hero of their generation are shame and nowhere to be found than under bridges. Such people only portrait the images of humiliation, dishonor, shame and indignity in their family and nation as whole.

I could remember when we are young, we are told by our parents that, some family use to dedicate and consecrate the new baby on Evil Altar erected in the compound where the child gave birth from. They will make incantations on the child when he was place on the Evil Altar. It such incantations that works against such child anywhere he goes. He can only be free when he meet Jesus Christ and wash himself through the Blood of Jesus for cleansing and purification.

In addition, I will like to share this testimony with you: There was a day when I was invited for a crusade in one city in Nigeria, the person that interprets for me had been dedicated and fed with evil food. The secret revealed in the night when the woman had a dream saw herself in a small house feeding with an evil foods from a man wear black clothes, but suddenly and Angel of appeared and commanded her to refused the food given to her. And the Angel told her to rebuke the agents that fed her with Blood of Jesus which she did.

You may have been attending church, doing work in the house of God, even you may be a child of prophet or pastor or bishop or Rev., that doesn’t mean you cannot be a victim of being tormenting on the Evil Altar, the only thing that can take you out of such victim is total committed and surrender yourself to Jesus Christ, engage in fasting and prayers with holiness all the time. Devil only respect those that lives holy life and committed unto Jesus Christ in their doings.

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