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“And at that time Joshua came and cut off the Anakim from the mountains: from Hebron, from Debir, from Anab, from all the mountains of Judah, and from all the mountains of Israel; Joshua utterly destroyed them with their cities. None of the Anakim was left in the land of the children of Israel; they remained only in Gaza, in Gath, and in Ashdod. So Joshua took the whole land, according to all that the Lord had said to Moses; and Joshua gave it as an inheritance to Israel according to their divisions by their tribes. Then the land rest from war” (Joshua 11:21-23).

When Joshua sent the twelve spies to investigate the land of Canaan, they found giants in the land (Numbers 13:33). These giants were there to hinder and make them lose everything when they arrive in the land. Don’t forget, God had promised the Israelites as the owner of the land. Now it is time for them to possess the land.
Spiritually speaking, giants stand for the great difficulties you face in life. Each Christians will meet giant problems in their academic journey, marital journey, church, social life, job, ministry, even in your heart. When you are moving forward you will meet giants. It is in the way of duty that the Israelites found giants. When they turned back into the wilderness, they found no giants. God had commanded the Israelites to destroy these giants and other inhabitants of the land completely. But they disobeyed this warning. And these giants became thorns and snares in their sides (Judges 2:1-3).
The commanded given to them is to destroy them completely, but they only destroyed few and left others. The little giants that left became great snares for them. The little giants you allow to remain grow in your life will sure overcome and ride on you if care is not taking now. Goliath is the giants that the Israelites spare became their master for good forty days. Giants beget giants. Sin begets sin. A little sin allows ruling your life will sure become snares and thorns in your endeavor.

David, a case study
The Israelite had allows giants, and the giants are now tormented them, hinder them and became snares. The giants have to be killed. Who is going to kill the giants? King Saul and all his armies are in the battle for more than forty days exchange words with only giant called Goliath. No one is worthy to face him because of their fear and total believes in natural strength. But somebody has to face the giant.
God used a young man named David. A man filled and inspired with the Spirit of God. A young man whom God had anointed for glorious. The techniques of giant-killing used by David to kill the giant of his own time (Goliath) can be applied spiritually as you face the giants of your own life.

The followings are the techniques and principles applied by David:
1. Prepare: Preparation is the number one principle to kill your giants. You must prepare yourself in lesser battles you face. David had faced a little battle before he met the main giants in the great battle. He recalls how he conquered a lion and bear who attacked the sheep for which he cared (1 Samuel 17:34-36). He knew he could face Goliath because he had prepared himself in the little battles of life where he killed both lion and bear. When David got to the great battle, he was challenged by his family (brothers). He was challenged by those who walk by fear because he (David) walks by faith. When you prepare to face giants in your life, those closets to you may attack you, mock you, even make away of stopping you in attacking the giants. Your boss may be your own attacker, your wife or husband may be your own. No matter who arise to stop or to mock or to attack you, your preparation ahead will give you victory. Don’t allow their words to stop you. The giants themselves will rise up to mock you as Goliath did to David (1 Samuel 17:42-44). Because David had prepared himself in the lesser battles, he could boldly says “Let no man’s heart fail because of him (giant); your servant will go and fight with this Philistine (giant)” (1 Samuel 17: 32). One you have prepared yourself spiritually in the lesser battles of life, you will confidently says “I can conquer this giant”, “I will destroy this giant”, “I will overcome this giant”.

2. Profess: David had the proper profession. He professed his confidence in God. “I know I can conquer this giant in the name of the Lord”. If you have confidence in the Lord, your giants must confess before you. As long as you know God as your profession, as long as you defeating your giants. Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding.

3. Prove: King Saul tried to clothe David in his own natural weapon, but David rejected it because is not used to it. The only weapon he knew and used to is the name of God (spiritual weapon). If you are to be successful and defeat your giants, you must prove your weapon; you must allow the spiritual weapon to do the work. Thousand of people with natural weapons are failure, but a man with God is a victor. You cannot conquer your giants on the basis of someone’s power or experience. You must put on and clothe with the whole armor of God. Not only put on, also prove it by apply it against your giants. The Bible says “In the name of Lord, every knee shall bow”. The power and the name of God is enough for you to face all the giants of your life. The more you put on the whole armor of God the more you are preparing to challenging everyday problems (giants). Your giants are God’s enemies. You must fight them with His weapon. You must obey God’s directives, follow His principles, and abide in His rules of fighting enemies. God’s doctrine is totally different from man’s doctrine. Allow God’s doctrine to rule you.

4. Penetrate: Your preparing is not enough; you may have proven your armor, but if you run from the giant, you are totally failure. The only way to win over your giants is to run towards him. David ran towards his own giant and he fought him and defeated him. You must penetrate giants’ territory. Face your giants completely. Giants are bread for you as Joshua and Caleb said (Numbers 14:9). When you are facing your giants you must face them with proper and positive motive. David faced his giant in order to give glory to God not to give gain to himself. The motive behind your fighting must be on God’s glorification not for self exaltation.

5. Prevail: The last of it is prevailing over the giants. You must totally destroy your giants. David used giants’ sword to cut his head. He did not stopped when the stone and hit the giant. David makes sure that he completely destroyed him and has his head cut off. The mistake many Christians did today is that: when they have stone their giants, they will leave it without cutting his head. Once the head of your giants still exist, their power will also exist. But when you cut his/her head, it will totally destroy. You must totally destroy and prevail over the giants or it will return to trouble you.

This is a question you must answer by yourself. Your giants must be destroying completely if you want to enjoy the goodness destined for you from God. All the little, little sins are giants in your life. The Bible says “Who cover his sins will not prosper”. The more you continuing sinning, the more giants come your way.
God told King Saul to destroy all the giants during his won time completely, but he partially obeyed. He spared little giants. And this resulted in his failure. God rejected him and Saul was completely destroyed by these giants (1 Samuel 15:8-9). The giants you must destroy completely are: “lying, cowardly, adultery, fornication, stealing, fighting, gossiping, hatred, unbelieving, abomination, murdering, 419, sexual immorality, lewdness, envy, contentions, jealousies, dissensions, heresies, selfish ambition, drunkenness, revelries, and all evil deeds”. Dissociate yourself from evil gangs or groups. Remember, bad company destroys good character.

Giants are always ready to attack in order to derail and delay each child of God to attain their position in God’s plan. But we (you and I) had been destined to face giants, fight giants, and conquer giants in each of our journey in life (martially, academically, financially, socially, spiritually, etc). The only thing you must do is confess all your sins now, and forsake them. Sins are little giants in your life that give room for big giants from outside. Once there is sins in you, to confront the real giants will be difficult. Allow the Spirit of God to abide in you. Stop sinning and continuing living in Christ.

Till next month, thanks and remain bless.


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